I may have all the emotional depth of a brick, but this scene was fucking beautiful.

It reminds me in a way of the Cat/Frankie scene at the end of series 1, in that we usually see Sam as the sexually dominant one, and yet here, as Frankie did with Cat, she’s willingly giving up control. And control was a massive theme in Sam’s arc this series.

I hope if a third series gets commissioned they don’t fuck things up for Sam and Lexy for the sake of cheap drama. Sam’s suffered enough. Now she’s found a safe place, and Lexy got what she wanted in the end, someone who isn’t going to leave her high and dry once she’s put them back together. Let em be. The primary focus should now be on the other three, and especially Tess’s growth as a character. She should be taking to heart the things she said to uncle Vanya on the stage coz they were as applicable to her own situation as any. One day she’s gonna look back on her current heartache and she’s gonna laugh about it. And she’s gonna be happy, and loved, and successful, and funny, and goofy and Tess. It hurts to see her heartbroken, but it’s a stepping stone on the path to greatness. Fans wanna protect her coz she doesn’t have Sam’s tough exterior, or Sadie’s ‘fuck it’ attitude, or Lexy’s groundedness, she’s not as grown up as Cat or as cool as Frankie. She’s the baby of the group in many ways, and she’s gotta step out of the shadow of the others and come into her own. This year was the Sam show (yay!), next year (or 17 months) it should be the Tess show. And let’s take Ed off the bench please. We didn’t get anywhere near enough of him this time round.

Jeezy creezy, I just wanted to post some pretty pretty pictures. How do I manage to turn that into a half hour ramble on how great Tess is and how she’s gonna be ok in the end?

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